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Vietnamese fusion cuisine


We love food. It’s our hobby and passion! Green Mint Banh Mi is a popular banh mi (sandwich) from the Capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. We are excited to be the first to bring this sandwich to the Clearwater area. Ours is different and special in the way that it is prepared, with freshly made Green Mint whipped mayo topped with shredded Chicken and cold cut combo. The pickled daikon & carrot and cucumber give it that refreshing crunch. But beware of the jalapeño as it can give you that taste of spicy hotness. 

Vietnamese food is light and refreshing, but don’t be fooled as it does not lack in flavor. From the Vietnamese coffee harboring a strong, sweet taste which will help to ensure that you stay awake all day to the Bun a/k/a Noodle salad, it’s the perfect light meal for lunch or dinner. Don’t forget the Pho, an item that put Vietnamese cuisine on the map, great for the cold days or when you're not feeling well. Pho, many times is compared to Mom’s homemade chicken noodle soup. 

We are always striving to perfect our food because it’s what we love to do.

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